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Skyhigh Security

3.8 Release Notes

Service Governance

Manage Custom Attributes Values

You can update values for Custom Service Attributes in bulk for multiple services on the Cloud Registry page. For details, see Manage Custom Attributes Values

Upload Activities Modal

On the Users Overview page, you can now click the Upload Activities link and open the Upload Activities Modal, which displays all details on that user's activities. For details see Users Overview

Anomalies Modal

On the Users Overview page, from the Use Details pane, click the Anomalies link to open the Anomalies modal, which displays details on that user's anomalies. For details, see Users Overview

Report Manager User Access Levels

RBAC User Access Levels have been updated to include Report Manager. Roles that can access Report Manager include Executive, Compliance Manager, Usage Analytics User, and Incident Manager. For details, see About User Access Levels

Policy Management

UK Driving Licence Data Identifier Keywords

UK Driving Licence Data Identifier keywords have been updated. For details see Data Identifier Definitions

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