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Skyhigh Security

3.9 Release Notes

New Look and Feel

We're proud to introduce our new design! With our new login page, you'll notice that we're now McAfee Skyhigh CASB Security Cloud. We're proud to re-introduce ourselves with new colors and the McAfee shield.  Our enhanced Dashboard page makes sure the data you care about is what you see first. Next, you'll see we've created a new top menu bar to make it even easier to find the features you need. The menu is always available, and won't be hidden. We've also redesigned the Services page, DLP Policies page, where you'll be able to filter and search more quickly than ever and have a new Policy Incidents Page.

For details, see Welcome to our Updated Navigation. 

Service Governance 

NOT Operator

In the Omnibar, the NOT operator allows you to exclude Service Names, Service Categories, Service Groups, or any other parameter from your search, in order to drill down to the specific results you need. You can use multiple NOT operators in a search query. The NOT operator is available on Shadow IT pages only. For details, see NOT operator

Updated Audit Log 

The Audit Log, located at Settings > Audit Log, provides a list of all events performed by registered application users. It has been updated to allow you to drill down and perform detailed Audit Log analysis using extensive filter and search tools. Then export your findings to a CSV file for accurate reporting. For more information, see About the Audit Log

On-Demand Scans

On-Demand Scans allow you to scan cloud services to see if any content violates your policies. Skyhigh CASB On-Demand Scans now use a new wizard to make configuration easier for DLP scans, Malware scans, and S3 Bucket scans. For details, see On-Demand Scans

Reuse a Deleted User's Email Address

Previously when you deleted a user's account, you could not reuse that email address. Now you may recreate that user account using the same email address, but it will be a new account. No Saved Views, Reports, or other user settings will be available from the old account. For details, see Add a New User

Policy Management

New GDPR Data Identifiers 

Many new European Personal Identity data identifiers have been added. For details, see Data Identifier Definitions.  

Customizable Proximity Distance Value for Keyword Validation 

As of the 3.9 release, you can specify a customizable keyword proximity value between 1 and 10000 characters through the Proximity Distance field when keyword validation is enabled.  Existing policies are fixed at 200 characters; however, when creating a new policy as of release 3.9, you can specify a variable proximity distance value between 1 and 10000. 

For details, see Data Identifier Definitions.  

Sanctioned Apps

Multi-Instance Support

Large enterprises use multiple instances of Sanctioned Services, such as Salesforce, Box, and Slack. Some are purchased for use by certain organizations within the enterprise, or for specific geographic locations. From one Skyhigh CASB account, enterprises can manage and secure multiple service instances for visibility, threat protection, security, and compliance using consistent policies via RP or API.

An instance in Skyhigh CASB maps directly to one enterprise account of a Sanctioned Service. Service instances are identified by Instance Name, and you can search and filter data based on Instance Name or Organization Name. You can also create policies and apply them to specific or multiple instances, and also generate reports for specific instances. 

Multi-instance support is available for the following Sanctioned Services:

  • Box
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Salesforce
  • Slack


Near Real-Time Configuration Audit

Near Real-Time Configuration Audit significantly reduces the time to find new configuration audit violations in AWS. Instead of waiting on a daily scan, which could leave new configuration vulnerable up to 24 hours, events are sent to Skyhigh CASB almost immediately.


Microsoft Office 365 Dashboard

The new Office 365 Dashboard provides a summary of the Microsoft Office 365 data you care about at a glance using cards, which are based on Saved Views. It also allows you to create reports, and access to set up other available features to integrate Office 365 with Skyhigh CASB. For details, see About the Office 365 Dashboard

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