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Skyhigh Security

4.0.1 Release Notes (October 2018)


Sanctioned Apps

Skyhigh for Workday

McAfee Skyhigh CASB Security Cloud for Workday enables admins to set up access control and DLP protection to monitor and investigate user activity in Workday. Threat protection, activity monitoring, and reporting are also supported in our Workday solution. For details, see Skyhigh CASB for Workday

Box Security Classifications

Box Security Classifications allow you to classify files based on their confidentiality and enforce security policies associated with that confidentiality level. Using Box Classifications with Skyhigh CASB's DLP policies automates the manual task of classifying documents.

Skyhigh for SharePoint and OneDrive Site Exclusion

In 4.0.1, you can choose to exclude sites from near real-time monitoring. This is useful when you’re migrating a large amount of data, and Skyhigh CASB scanning would not be part of the workflow.


PCI CSS Policy Templates

We’ve added new PCI DSS Policy Templates for Security Configuration, making it easier than ever to secure sensitive financial information stored in AWS deployments, with pre-configured polices focusing on limiting privileges, backup retention, AWS keys, logging, encryption, and more.

User Management

Users Page Beta

In the Settings menu, the User Management > Users page now has two versions: the classic Users page and the new Users Beta version. The new Users Beta page has an improved user interface and workflow. The classic Users page will be deprecated in a future release. For details, see About the Users Page (Beta).

Policy Management

Policy Incidents Notes

On the Policy Incidents page, in the Details pane, you can now add notes to incidents. For details, see Policy Incidents Page

Match Count for Keyword Rules

When you create a DLP Rule, you can now specify a Match Count number for keywords when the MATCH ANY default value is 1. This allows you to specify the number of unique matches and perform additional keyword validation. For details, see Use Keywords in DLP Policies

Data Identifier Keyword Updates

Many new Data Identifier keywords have been added, especially for European Personal Identity numbers. For complete details, see Data Identifiers

Delete Incidents  

On the Incidents > Policy Incidents page, you can now select the checkbox(es) for incidents you want to delete. Then click Delete in the confirmation dialog. This action cannot be undone. Large requests may take a few moments to process. For details, see Policy Incidents Page

Email Subject Rule Location

You can now add a location for DLP Rules that specify that a scan's match should be located in:

  • Email Subject, Body, Attachments, and File Content
  • Email Subject and File Metadata
  • All

For details, see DLP Policy Rules and Rule Groups

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