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What's New in

Here’s a round-up of the new features and enhancements for Skyhigh CASB Cloud Access Security Broker v

What’s New in Skyhigh for Shadow IT

Report Manager Improvements

Generate reports faster than ever before with our improved Report Manager.  In addition to performance improvements, we've added a "Failed" state for reports so they can easily be re-run if necessary.

Anomalies Overview Custom Attribute Filtration

The Anomaly Overview page now supports using the Omnibar to filter anomalies based on your custom attributes. You can now define search terms based on your company’s unique needs and use those search terms to retrieve the information you need for your anomaly investigation efforts.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to select “All Services” while creating a Blocking Config File from the Approved Services perspective.
  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to perform Omnibar searches using the Data Multi-Tenancy attribute or any Geo-based attributes

What’s New in Skyhigh for Sanctioned IT

Disable Download Links

When a document matches a Data Loss Prevention policy, users are given the option to download the matched file in order to investigate the policy violation. Skyhigh CASB Administrators can now choose to disable this option, preventing users from downloading matched files. Please contact to opt out of the file download feature.

Skyhigh for ServiceNow Import with Encryption

Users who encrypt their ServiceNow data through the Skyhigh CASB Secure Proxy can now export lists from ServiceNow, modify the data and reimport the list into ServiceNow while maintaining the encryption. For more information on importing lists into ServiceNow, please consult the ServiceNow support wiki article.

What’s New in Skyhigh Enterprise Connector

Enterprise Connector Incident Improvements

Users can now set the “All” or “New” flag for Shadow IT anomalies independently from the “All” or “New” flag for Sanctioned IT incidents. This will improve the SIEM integration capability and provide more granular control over which anomalies are delivered from your Skyhigh CASB Cloud Access Security Broker.

What's New in Skyhigh Threat Protection

Improved Anomaly Capping

Skyhigh CASB Threat Protection automatically pauses the generation of specific anomalies when your backlog for that anomaly exceeds a pre-set threshold. Anomaly capping has been improved to not count individual anomalies that have been excluded from display on your "whitelist." This will expand the number of anomalies that can appear in your backlog before anomaly generation is paused.

Limit Anomaly Generation to Selected Users

Some deployments may wish to limit the generation of anomalies and threats to specific users or groups of users within your organization. This is an opt-in feature that must be enabled by support. For information about enabling this feature and instructions on generating your anomaly generation whitelist, please contact

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