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What's New in 3.1

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3.1 Features

Updated Navigation

In 3.1 you’ll see a brand new navigation bar replacing the traditional menu ribbon. The new navigation is based on direct feedback from majority of our customers and is optimized for speed. You’ll find that similar action items are now displayed together, aligning the product features with tasks. The new navigation also makes it easier to manage Sanctioned IT and Shadow IT workflows together. 

The navigation is controlled by our new RBAC functionality, where actions associated with particular roles and privileges are grouped.


Access control has been greatly enhanced in 3.1, with the launch of RBAC, Role Based Access Control. Now, Admins and security teams have granular control over all Skyhigh CASB features with several roles available out of the box. First, we have split roles between Dashboard Users and Enterprise Connector Users. Second, we have created multiple roles for Dashboard Users so you can grant different access for Executive, Compliance, Usage and Incident Managers.

Admins continue to have the full access they need to manage Skyhigh CASB. All user access management is UI-driven, taking all the guess work out of the process.

New Help Platform

Welcome to our new Help platform! This site is designed to make it easier for you to find what you need, in less time. The organization of the new Help is based on the new navigation to make the transition smoother. 

One important feature of this platform is the ability to save any topic as a PDF. Just click the PDF icon at the top right, and a PDF appears in a new browser window.

We're looking forward to building out this portal, adding videos and knowledge base articles over time. If you'd like to provide feedback, please do! Look for these options at the bottom of each topic, where you can quickly vote (up or down) the topic, or send us a quick email. 

What’s new in Sanctioned IT

Skyhigh CASB for Slack Enterprise

Skyhigh CASB for Slack Enterprise includes several enhancements, including the ability to enable DLP for all Slack teams from a single Skyhigh CASB tenant. All channels (including private channels) are monitored by Skyhigh CASB for DLP, even if the admin isn't a member of each channel.  Additionally, both Quarantine and Delete response actions are supported for messages and file uploads (compared to Quarantine support only for files in standard Slack accounts.

Note: The option to enable Slack Enterprise may appear in the API screen, but Slack has yet to release the product. For now, continue to use Skyhigh CASB for Slack.

Skyhigh CASB for Office 365 Custom App Support

In 3.1, Skyhigh CASB has provided an option to add Skyhigh CASB as a custom app for organizations who have set up a single tenant application in the Office 365 Azure Active Directory environment.  

Google Drive Activity Monitoring

Skyhigh CASB for Google Drive now supports API-based Activity Monitoring and Threat Protection for Google Drive, with event names logged by Skyhigh CASB.

AirWatch Integration 

Skyhigh CASB's integration with AirWatch extends security to mobile-cloud usage without affecting user productivity. Skyhigh CASB can verify devices attempting to access a CSP by validating the user's UDID with device IDs obtained from AirWatch.

Data Loss Prevention: Policies Based on Metadata

DLP policies can now be created to detect a keyword or tag in the metadata of a document, and/or content of a document, the header of an email, and/or the body of the email to enforce policies around classified data. 

Data Loss Prevention: Policy Templates and User Group Exclusion

Existing policies can now be exported as templates then used to create new policies. Additionally, specific User Groups can be excluded from DLP or secure collaboration policies.

Data Loss Prevention: Policy Violation Bulk Status Updates

Now it’s easy to update the Status of multiple policy violations at one time, streamlining remediation.

Data Loss Prevention: Apply Document Tag Response Action

Skyhigh CASB for Box users can now use DLP policies to mark documents in Box with custom tags to label documents stored in Box and manage how they're shared. For example, users can automatically label documents as Confidential or Internal Only.

On-Demand Scanning: Improved progress indicators

Because larger scans can take some time to complete, we've added better progress indicators so you're aware of the progress of a scan and can confirm that it's running normally.

What's new in Shadow IT

Dashboard: Sub-categories

Sub-categories can now be used as filters appear in the Omnibar, and appear in Active Services and Global Registry. At this time, sub-categories will not appear in reports and cannot be used to manually filter the Active Services or Global Registry page. 

What's new in Threat Protection

Improvements to Skyhigh CASB Audit Log

The Skyhigh CASB Audit Log now tracks more granular information on Exception Rules and Thresholds. The name of the user who created or deleted a rule and time stamps of those activities are collected for Exception Rules. For Thresholds, you can now see who set a new threshold, filter criteria related to the Threshold, and time stamps of those activities.

Available Activities

The Available Activities page gives deeper insight into the way that Threat Protection and Activity Monitoring receive and interpret activities from your Sanctioned IT services. The Available Activities page details each monitored activity within your cloud services including how the activity was detected and what thresholds the activity is being evaluated against.

Skyhigh CASB for Google Drive Activity Monitoring

Activities in Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are now monitored and reported as part of Activity Monitoring. Activity Monitoring logs user activity and generates audit trails for compliance and forensics.

Forensic Metadata for Activity Monitoring

Improve your activity investigation with enhanced metadata for Activity Monitoring. Additional information captured by the cloud service provider is now displayed in the Additional Information section of Activity Monitoring. This information can be used to learn more about specific events and assist in your investigation of threats and anomalies by providing insight into the activity.

What’s new in Enterprise Connector

Enterprise Connector Installation Downloads

You can now download the installers for Enterprise Connector directly from our new help system. These links will be updated with the latest version of Enterprise Connector each release.

Detokenized Scheduled Dashboard Reports

Scheduled dashboard reports can be detokenized by Enterprise Connector, making them available for download in detokenized form. Detokenized reports are stored on-prem. Additionally, detokenized scheduled reports can be emailed to the mail ID.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Live Log was not displaying file delete actions occurring in Dropbox in situations where the file had been deleted and restored previously. For example, if a file was uploaded to Dropbox, then deleted, then reuploaded with the same name and deleted again, the second deletion would not appear in the Live Log.
  • Fixed an issue where Threat Protection did not display the user's IP address for file upload or download actions from Dropbox. The IP address now displays as expected.





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