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What's New in 3.1 Service Pack 2

What's new in Skyhigh for Slack

Slack users can now receive notifications in Slack instead of email notifications when a Slack message or file shared via Slack is quarantined. These notifications are sent by the Slack Bot, so they look similar to:


Action required: In order to use this feature please re-enable API access for your respective Slack accounts (Slack for Teams and Slack Enterprise). If API access is not re-enabled, the existing DLP functionality will still work, but the default quarantine/restore actions email notifications will not be sent. After re-enabling API access, notifications will be sent in Slack.

If you still need to receive email notifications, you can set up DLP policies to force the emails. Just use the Send Email Notification and User Email Notification response actions in the DLP policies.

Also, we have extended this functionality and added two more response actions in DLP policies: Send Slack Notification and User Slack Notification (Similar to Send Email Notification and User Email Notification). These response actions can be used for DLP incidents in other CSPs too.  API access for Slack must be enabled.

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