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Skyhigh Security

What's New in 3.3

Skyhigh for Shadow IT

Automated Firewall and Proxy Integration

V3.3 streamlines the process of updating URLs associated with Service Groups with your existing firewalls and proxies. You can configure workflows to push the changes automatically or review and approve changes prior to updating your firewall and proxy policies. All changes are tracked; you can undo updates as required. To use this feature set, you'll need to upgrade to Enterprise Connector 3.3.

Skyhigh Data Loss Prevention

Unstructured Data Fingerprinting

Provides the ability to fingerprint unstructured data (such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, CAD diagrams, etc.) and use the fingerprint as match criteria in a DLP policy. Policies can be defined to detect partial and derivative matches.

Policy Violations Management - Bulk Reassign

Allows you to reassign groups of policy violations at one time. Along with Bulk Status Updates and Bulk Remediation, Bulk Reassign is the latest time-saving option to managing violations.

DLP Email Notifications from Customer’s Domain

Delivers user email notifications for DLP violations from the customer’s domain (e.g. instead of Skyhigh CASB’s domain ( This feature requires an upgrade to Enterprise Connector v3.3.

Skyhigh Threat Protection 

Enhanced Metadata for Anomalies and Threats

When viewing anomaly details you'll notice additional information in the Details pane, including city, device ID, and trust metadata. For Superhuman Anomalies, all related events in the anomaly are listed, with up to five events per anomaly.

Expanded CSV Downloads

New metadata is included in anomaly CSV downloads, making the data even more useful when imported to your SIEM, with better reporting for Superhuman Anomalies. New fields include: Source IP Owner, Source Action Name, Source IP Next, Source IP Owner Next, Source City Next, Source Country Next, Source Action Name Next, Source Timestamp Next, Source Latitude, Source Latitude Next, Source Longitude, Source Longitude Next, Distance in Miles, Time Differential Observed. A full list of fields can be found in Exporting Anomalies to CSV.

Skyhigh for Sanctioned IT

DLP Support for ServiceNow Connect Chat and Live Feed

Connect Chat is a real-time messaging tool that enables users to chat with individuals and groups, share files, and collaborate on records. Existing DLP policies are now applied to all chat messages, files uploaded through a chat window, Live Feed messages, Live Feed comments, and Live Feed file uploads. 

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