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Skyhigh Security

What's New in 3.5.1

Usage Analytics

Users Overview Page Redesign (Beta)

The redesigned Users Overview page displays the users in your organization. On this page, you can search, filter, and drill down to see the information you need for one or more users. You can display Users data in a Grid (table) view, or create a Chart view. It also provides easy access to filters and Saved Views. For complete details, see Users Overview (Beta).

Report Manager Redesign (Beta)

The redesigned Report Manager, allows you to manage, run, and edit reports you have already created on service usage and export them in multiple formats. These reports can be constrained to specific date ranges and customized with selected report parameters as creation of these reports is from Services (Beta) page. The reports can be configured with "Run Now", and recurring schedules option is being worked on. For complete details, see Report Manager (Beta)

Known Issues 

For details, see Skyhigh CASB Known Issues

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