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Skyhigh Security

4.1.0 Release Notes (January 2019)

Structured Apps

On-Demand Scanning for Salesforce

Now you can extend DLP protection to sensitive data in Salesforce deployments using On-Demand Scanning. These scans can use the On-Demand Scans and policies you have in place today. All you need to do is choose the fields you'd like scanned. Chatter posts and attachments, as well as standard and custom objects, are included in scans.


Auto-Remediation for additional Configuration Audit Policies

We now offer Auto-Remediation for the World Readable S3 Buckets policy, and more than 15 Unrestricted Access policies. Applying the appropriate response to a vulnerability in your S3 deployment, auto remediation continuously monitors risks and automates issue remediation. When a policy violation occurs, this instant remediation reduces the window of malicious opportunity.


Resources Page and Dashboard Card

The Analytics > Resources page allows you to view all of your AWS  and Azure resources enabled with Skyhigh CASB. It also provides the compliance status for each resource that has a Config Audit Policy incident, DLP incident, or McAfee CWS threat. For details see About Resources.

You can also add the Resources card to your Dashboards. For details see About My Dashboard


RBAC Enhancements and Redesign

RBAC user management has been improved, with more granular controls over functions for each Role. This makes it easier than ever to align activities in Skyhigh CASB with a user's duties in your organization. You can now provide Read Only access to a much wider variety of functions in Skyhigh CASB, allowing for auditing or reporting without risking access.

Policy Settings Page Update

The Policy > Policy Settings page, which contains the configuration settings for policies and policy incidents, has an updated user interface and functionality. For details, see About Policy Settings.  

Custom Keywords for Data Identifiers

You can now create custom keywords for use with Data Identifiers in DLP Policies. For custom keywords, you can use a predefined dictionary or manually enter keywords. The maximum number of custom keywords allowed is 10. For details, see DLP Policy Rules and Rule Groups

Data Identifier Updates   

New Data Identifiers have been added for Brazil and Thailand. For more information, see South American Personal Identity and Asia-Pacific Personal Identity. For complete details, see Data Identifiers


Items in Quarantine

The Incidents > Quarantined Files page will be deprecated soon in an upcoming release. All functions to search for and manage your Quarantined Incidents are available on the Incidents > Policy Incidents page using the Items in Quarantine Saved View. 


Cloud Registry Saved Views

On the Governance > Cloud Registry page, you can now create and select Saved Views to reuse specified search parameters from a previous search on current data, create Dashboard cards, and Notifications.  For details, see About the Cloud Registry


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