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4.2.0 Release Notes (April 2019)


MVISION Cloud for Google Cloud Platform 

MVISION Cloud now supports Google Cloud Platform, extending full cloud protection with Configuration Audit policies, resource discovery and activity monitoring forensics. You can leverage the pre-defined Configuration Audit policies to instantly bring security and compliance to Google Cloud Platform.

Data Storage with Azure and IBM Cloud 

The Policy Settings Data Storage tab allows you to configure data storage settings for Match HighlightingIncident Notes, and Policy Incident Remediation. To store your data, you can use McAfee data storage, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or Amazon Web Services (AWS). For details, see Data Storage

Malware Scan Support for Additional Services 

Malware Scans are now available for:

  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams (Files Only)
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce
  • AWS S3 Buckets
  • Azure Blob Storage

Data Identifiers for European Passports

Data Identifiers for many European Passports have been added to the European Personal Identity section. For details, see European Personal Identity.

Location and Network Filters 

Location and Network are the two key trigger dimensions for Anomalous Access Location and Superhuman anomalies. To filter these anomalies by Country, City, and IP Organization, see the new filters available on the Available Activities page.

Download Resources CSV File 

On the Resources page, you can now generate a CSV file of the list of Resources from the Actions menu and download it immediately. For details, see About Resources.

Cyber Risk Attributes

In the Cloud Registry on the Service Details page, the Cyber Risk category provides insight into possible Cloud Service Providers internet vulnerabilities such as Poodle, Freak, and Heartbleed. For details, see Cyber Risk Management

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