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Skyhigh Security

4.2.1 Release Notes (June 2019)

Cloud Application Controls

The security of Shadow IT applications continues to be a huge issues for enterprises. Cloud Application Control enables granular Shadow IT application control policies in MVISION Cloud, using a unified interface to block activities within Shadow applications, and control access to unsanctioned tenants. Skyhigh Security Skyhigh CASB Cloud Application Controls integrate with Skyhigh Security Web Security Gateway Service and endpoints installed with Skyhigh Security Client Proxy to provide granular control over user actions performed on Shadow and Sanctioned Services. To use Cloud Application Controls, first enable Skyhigh Security WSGS and download Skyhigh Security Client Proxy. For instructions, see Integrate MVISION Cloud with McAfee WGCS


On-Demand Scan for Azure Files 

Adding to On-Demand Scan for Azure blobs, you can now secure files stored in Azure when running On-Demand Scans. See Create an On-Demand Scan for Azure.


Custom Data Identifiers

Create your own custom data identifiers using regular expressions, keyword validation, and proximity distance. You may use up to 5 regex rules. For details, see DLP Policy Rules and Rule Groups

Notifications for Cloud Governance

Admins can add new Notifications to the Settings > Global Notifications page using Saved Views. These Notifications will become available for all users of a tenant. Notifications for Cloud Governance trigger an email notification for any changes that occur in Service Risk Saved Views. For details, see Add a Notification for Cloud Governance

Incident ID in Email Template 

When sending an email to notify users or admins of a violation, you can now include the Incident ID in the email they receive.

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