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4.2.2 Release Notes (July 2019)

Connected Apps

Connected Apps allows MVISION Cloud Incident Managers to discover third-party applications associated with Google Drive and connected to your corporate environment via OAuth. Then it provides a workflow for you to manually remediate, audit, allow, or block Connected Apps access to users data, to notify users via email of an app's status, and revoke access as needed. For details see About Connected Apps. 

Data Jurisdictions for Sanctioned Services

For Sanctioned Services, you can create Data Jurisdictions to limit access to users by Service or by Service instance. For example, you could create a Data Jurisdiction for users who are allowed to access AWS accounts or only a particular AWS instance. For details, see Create Data Jurisdictions for Sanctioned Services

Estimate Scan Duration

On the Scan Details page, you can click Estimate Scan Duration to estimate the time a scan will take based on empirical data, historical performance for a service on an MVISION Cloud tenant, and other data. For details see About On-Demand Scans

Scheduled Reports Custom Delivery

The Scheduled Reports selections for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly delivery has been updated with much more specific options. For details see Create a Report

Custom Tombstone for Slack and Jive Messages

You can define custom tombstone messages for quarantined and deleted response actions, supported for Slack and Jive. For details, see Quarantine Configuration

Activity Settings and Anomaly Settings under the Administrator Role

Access to administer Activity Settings and Anomaly Settings are now only allowed with the Administrator RBAC role. For details, see About User Roles and Access Levels

Inactive Services

A service is marked Inactive in the Cloud Registry for example, when a cloud service provider withdraws support for a service, the service is shut down, the company is acquired, or the service no longer qualifies as a cloud service. The Service Details page will still be accessible for that service, but it will include a message that the service has been marked as Inactive. For details, see Inactive Services

New Azure Policy Templates

The following Azure Policy Templates are now available:

  • Unencrypted activity logs in storage account
  • Unrestricted access to activity logs in storage account
  • Network Security Group Inbound Access Configuration
  • Network Security Group Port Configuration
  • Unrestricted Inbound Access on network security groups
  • Unrestricted access to SQL Servers
  • NSG Flow Logs Enabled
  • Unrestricted access to storage account
  • Activity Logs Integration with Azure Monitor
  • Unencrypted Data Disks
  • Unencrypted OS Disks
  • Unrestricted access of storage account to wide network
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