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Skyhigh Security

5.0.0 Release Notes (February 2020)

Policy Templates for Container Security

Over 100 new pre-configured policy templates have been added for Container Security IaaS providers including Amazon ECS, EKS, AWS Fargate, and Docker. For details, see Policy Templates for Container Security

Scan Start Workflow Update

Depending on the CSP you want to scan, the On-Demand Scan start workflow now includes steps that prompt you to estimate how long your scan will take and allow you to check your scan's configuration before starting. For details, see About On-Demand Scans

Cloud Security Advisor

The Cloud Security Report now includes a new statistic under Usage Summary > Incidents > IaaS Misconfigurations Avoided. For details, see Cloud Security Report

Also, any cloud service instance that is not enabled for one quarter is considered deleted in the next quarter. For details, see About Cloud Security Advisor

Resolution Action

You can define custom Resolution Actions to be used with incidents. Assign the Resolution Action on the Incidents > Policy Incidents > Incident Details page. For details, see Enable Incident Management

The Resolution Action is then available in the Policy Incidents Details pane to assign to your incidents. For details, see Policy Incidents Page.

Connected Apps Policies Keyword Search

Keyword search is now available in the Omnibar on the Connected Apps Policies page. For details, see Keyword Search and URL Search

Connected Apps Page Table

On the Connected Apps page, when you edit the table and log out, your new columns and sort order are maintained for your next MVISION Cloud session. For details, see Connected Apps Page

User Action

The Create Custom Email Template now includes a new variable User Action and the details of existing variables, Email Recipients and Email Subjects are added. For details, see Create a Custom Email Template.

File Type Detection Supports IPA and APK Formats

The signature-based file type detection identifies and supports the IPA and APK file formats. For details, see Supported File Formats.

Incident Consolidation and Custom Incident Status

The Incident Details page consists of new features Incident Consolidation and Custom Incident Status. You can group multiple incidents with the same event ID in the Incident Consolidation and create Custom Incident Statuses to group incidents. 

Enable the Incident Consolidation and the Custom Incident Status on the Incidents > Policy Incidents > Incident Details page. For details, see Enable Incident Management

Wildcard Search for User Groups

The wildcard search is now available in the User Criteria on the Create User Group page. For details, see Create a DLP User Group.

Auto-Remediation of Azure Config Audit Policies

Auto-remediation is a triggered response to a policy violation. Auto-remediation has been enabled for 18 Azure Config Audit policies. For details, see Auto-Remediation of Azure Config Audit Policies.

Enhanced Azure Setup Wizard

You can now choose specific features (such as DLP, Activity Monitoring, or Config audit) for Azure setup. You can also choose the subscriptions you want to setup for Skyhigh CASB. For details, see Enabling Microsoft Azure.

Email Notifications for Accounts Administrators

Along with setting up the list of users for Global notifications, you can now also choose the account owner's email ID(s) against each account, subscription, or project from a list of pre-defined users' email IDs. For details, see Configure Account Administrator Email Notification.

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