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Skyhigh Security

5.1.0 Release Notes (June 2020)

Policy Templates for Container Security

The Policy Templates for Container Security table now includes version information for PCI DSS, NIST, and HIPAA. For details, see Policy Templates for Container Security

Container Vulnerability Scan for GCR

Container Vulnerability Scan (CVS) scans your images in Google Cloud Registries (GCR). It scans all specified images against a known list of vulnerabilities and creates an incident for each image where vulnerabilities are found. For details, see Container Vulnerability Scan for GCR

Container Vulnerability Scan for AWS

The Container Vulnerability Scan for AWS ECR now uses policies. For details, see Container Vulnerability Scan for AWS

DevOps Scans for Amazon ECS Fargate CloudFormation

Skyhigh CASB DevOps scans now support Amazon ECS Fargate CloudFormation. For details, see About On-Demand Scans for DevOps.

Near Real-Time DLP Scan and Malware Scan for GCP

Skyhigh CASB provides Near Real-Time (NRT) DLP and Malware detection capability for Google Cloud Storage. This feature significantly reduces the time to find new DLP and Malware violations in Google Cloud Storage by detecting file creation or modification events in almost real-time and evaluating associated DLP and Malware policies. For details, see NRT DLP and Malware Scan for GCP.

View IaaS Security Audit Errors

Skyhigh CASB consolidates errors for IaaS features in the Service Management page. You can track the errors based on the severities and filter based on the Categories and Account ID. For details, see View IaaS Security Audit Errors in Service Management.

Configure ServiceNow and Salesforce Instance

Configure your inline proxy to monitor traffic to and from ServiceNow and Salesforce for Data Loss Prevention actions and anomaly detection. For details see Configure ServiceNow Instance and Configure Salesforce Instance.

Configure SMTP Proxy for CSPs

Skyhigh CASB's SMTP Proxy allows you to connect a CSP’s email interface to the corporate email servers. This allows the encryption engine to process any data that flows in or out of the CSP via email. For details, see Configure SMTP Proxy for CSPs.

ServiceNow Policy Incidents

Skyhigh CASB provides the central repository of the Policy Incidents page where you can find the details of DLP violations in ServiceNow fields or file attachments in Service Catalog Request Fulfillment. You can also detect the RITM to see the ServiceNow fields or files where the DLP violation occurred. For details, see ServiceNow Policy Incidents.

Reverse Proxy for Office 365 via Azure AD

Azure AD provides a security feature called Conditional Access. The conditional access allows your device to access Office 365. To allow access, configure Reverse Proxy for Office 365 via Azure AD. For details, see Reverse Proxy for Office 365 via Azure AD.

Service Reports to Include CVE Details

The Services Overview page displays metrics on cloud usage in your organization. On this page, you can view, search, filter, and download reports to see the information you need regarding your services. A new attribute has been added to view CVE details and can be downloaded in CSV or XLS reports. For details, see Services Overview.

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