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Skyhigh Security

5.1.1 Release Notes (July 2020)

Configuration Audit for ECR

Skyhigh CASB Container Security supports Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) for Configuration Audit. For details, see Configure Container Security for ECR

Container Vulnerability Scan for ACR 

Container Vulnerability Scan (CVS) scans your images in Azure Cloud Registry (ACR). It scans all specified images against a known list of vulnerabilities and creates an incident for each image where vulnerabilities are found. For details, see Container Vulnerability Scan for ACR

Policy Templates for ECR

Policy Templates for Container Security support Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). For details see Policy Templates for ECR.

Container Security Resources

Container Security Resource Types are now discovered and displayed on the Analytics > Resources page. Repository and Registry information are displayed in the Resource Type column. For details see, About Resources

Create Reports for Resources

The Resources page enables you to create a report in these supported formats : PDF, CSV and XLS. For details see, About Resources

Connected Apps Policy Risk Types

Connected Apps policy supports Risk based rule and you can select the risk type as High, Medium, Low or Unavailable. For details, see Create a Connected Apps Policy.

Salesforce Policy Incidents

Skyhigh CASB provides the central repository of the Policy Incidents page where you can find the details of malware attachments in Salesforce and you can also configure email template to see these malware details in the email. For details, see Salesforce Policy Incidents.

Supported External User Communication in Teams

Skyhigh Security Skyhigh CASB for Microsoft Teams allow guest user communication from authorized domains and uses DLP Policies to secure collaboration for Chats: 1:1 or 1: many. For details, see About MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams.

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