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Skyhigh Security

5.1.2 Release Notes (August 2020)

Connected Apps

The Connected Apps page includes the following new features:

2-Legged OAuth in Connected Apps

On the Connected Apps page, you can filter to display 2-legged or 3-legged OAuth apps. 2-legged Connected Apps are approved across the enterprise. Information on 2-legged OAuth is available at a metadata level. No user data is available. For details, see 2-Legged OAuth in Connected Apps

Status Assignment by Filter

On the Connected Apps page, the Status Assignment by filter identifies if a Connected Apps status is the result of a policy, admin, or system change, and allows you to filter by it. For details see, Connected Apps Page


On the Details pane, the Notes section provides an area to keep notes on this Connected App. For example, you could add a Support ticket number for a status change. This feature requires you to Data Storage. For details see, Connected Apps Page

Status Changes

On the Details pane, the Status Changes section lists the status history of the Connected App with a timestamp. For details see, Connected Apps Page

Change Tenants in IAM Login

Skyhigh Security IAM provides a simplified way to switch between different tenants directly from the Skyhigh Security IAM login page. For details, see Change Tenants in McAfee IAM Dashboard.

View Tenant Name in the Report Email 

The reports are sent to the user directly from Skyhigh CASB through email. The report email consists of a download report link and the name of the associated tenant who has sent the report. For details, see View Report Email.

Detect and  Remove Sensitive Content Shared in Teams/Channels

Using DLP polices, Skyhigh CASB extends support for secure collaboration in Microsoft Teams. For more details, see Microsoft Teams Secure Collaboration Use Cases.

Policy Templates Mapped to NIST 800-53

Policy Templates have been mapped to NIST 800-53 security and privacy controls. The Policy Templates page includes a benchmark filter for NIST 800-53, which allows you to sort templates by this designation. For details, see About the Policy Templates Page

CVE Number Search in the Omnibar

In the Omnibar, the CVE Number search allows you to search by Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) numbers of publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The CVE Number search is available in the Omnibar on the Cloud Registry and Services Overview pages. For details, see CVE Number Search

Sort Columns on the Users Page

On the Users page, you can now sort in most columns, including the Last Activity column, which sorts by date. For details, see Users Overview

Service Risk Attribute - WAF Detection Mode

The WAF Detection Mode Service Risk attribute has been added. For details see, Service Risk Management

Deprecated Service Risk Attribute

The attribute Source of Leak for Darknet has been deprecated by the third-party service that created it. Skyhigh CASB has distributed the corresponding weight of the former attribute among the following attributes:

  • Known Malicious Misuse of Service
  • Breach Identified for Service
  • Application Security Vulnerability Protection
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