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5.3.2 Release Notes (April 2021)

Cloud Security Advisor Credits and Waivers

Some Cloud Security Advisor maturity score checklist recommendations may already be covered by another solution that fulfills the requirements of this recommendation. Or that recommendation may not apply to your organization's security implementation. To improve your security maturity score, Skyhigh CASB now allows you to Take Credit for Another Solution or Waive Recommendations. For details, see Cloud Security Advisor Checklist

Cloud Security Advisor Admin Role

To Take Credit or Waive Recommendations to improve your security maturity score, an admin must have the Cloud Security Advisor Admin role. For details, see About User Roles and Access Levels

File Integrity Monitoring for AWS Container Services

When installed with the CWPP Agent, the File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) plugin validates containers to assure compliance for files against a known good baseline. If the agent is installed and the plugin is running on the managed resource, the validation is automatic. No scan is required. Skyhigh CASB supports FIM for Amazon Web Services for files managed by containers. For details, see About File Integrity Monitoring

Vulnerability Assessment for Runtime Container Services

When you create a Vulnerability scan, you can also select to scan containers within a VM for vulnerabilities. For details see, About Vulnerability Scans

Configuration Audit for Google Container Registry

Security Configuration Audit now supports Google Container Registry (GCR) to scan for misconfigurations. For details, see About Configuration Audit for IaaS

Configuration Audit for Azure Container Registry

Security Configuration Audit now supports Azure Container Registry (ACR) to scan for misconfigurations. For details, see About Configuration Audit for IaaS

On-Demand Scans for File Attachments in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Skyhigh CASB now supports On-Demand Scans the file attachments in Microsoft Dynamics 365. For details, see On-Demand Scan for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

ServiceNow Quebec 2021 and Workday Q1 2021 Support   

Skyhigh CASB v5.3.2 supports ServiceNow Quebec (Q1 2021) and Workday (Q1 2021). For details on the latest or previous release versions of supported CSPs, see Supported Versions of Structured Apps

Threat Cloud Cards and Mini Cards

Threat page provides Threat Cloud Cards and Mini Cards to determine the specific threats associated with the clusters of anomalies that suggest your cloud services have been compromised. For details, see Threats Page.

CASB Connect CSPs

Skyhigh CASB now supports the following CASB Connect CSPs such as DocuSign, Atlassian Access, Workplace, Jive, GitHub for Business, Bitbucket, OneLogin, ZenDesk, Okta, SmartSheet, Cisco Webex Teams. For details, see CASB Connect CSPs.

Reverse Proxy for Yammer

Skyhigh CASB for Yammer provides the Contextual Access Control using Reverse Proxy for managed and unmanaged devices. For details, see Reverse Proxy for Yammer.

Cyber Risk Attribute Group Score

The Cyber Risk attribute group now holds five percent of the overall Risk Category Weight. For details, see Cyber Risk Management.

Risk Category Weight Changes for CSPs

With the change in the Risk Category Weight distribution in the MVISION Cloud 5.3.2 release, the risk score computation of all CSPs has changed. As a result, some CSPs have moved from Low to Medium and some have moved from Medium to Low. If you are using the CLR functionality to automatically block high-risk services (or any other criteria that depends on the risk score of the CSPs), anticipate a change in the count of CSPs getting blocked or unblocked as a result of the change in risk scores of these CSPs. For details, see List of CSPs Impacted with Risk Category Changes.

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