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5.5.0 Release Notes (August 2021)

Cloud Security Advisor Score History

The Cloud Security Advisor Score History tab allows you to see the details of the changes in your Visibility and Control scores over the quarter (three months). This allows you to see and understand why your score has increased or decreased, especially if there are sudden or large variations. For details, see Cloud Security Advisor Score History

New Inline Email DLP Response Actions

Inline DLP emails not processed in time before an email is sent are processed in offline mode. Then incidents are generated in the Policy Incidents page with the new response action statuses: Block Failed and Deleted, Block Failed and Delete Failed, Block Failed and Quarantined, and Block Failed and Quarantine Failed. For details, see About Exchange Online Inline Email DLP.

Create Custom Email Templates for End User Remediation

You can now create Custom Email Templates to use with End User Remediation. For details, see Create a Custom Email Template

Activities Page Improvements

On the Incidents > User Activity > Activities page, you can now search for multiple incident IDs and multiple users by entering a query in the Omnibar. Regex-based search and wildcards are supported for partial user names, agents, and file names. Also, the Activities detail Cloud Card is now available, and page load time is improved. For details, see About Activities

File Integrity Monitoring now Supports GCP and GKE 

File Integrity Monitoring now supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). For details, see About File Integrity Monitoring

Vulnerability Scans now Support GCP and GKE 

Vulnerability Scans now support Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) main and secondary nodes for vulnerabilities when you select VM instances. For details, see About Vulnerability Scans.

Security Config Audit for Salesforce

The security config audit has new policies supported for Salesforce. It provides visibility into any possible misconfigurations and allows you to remediate them in Salesforce. For details, see About Security Config Audit for SaaS.

Recipient Domain on Policy Incidents Page

The Policy Incidents page now includes the Recipient Domain as a column in the table, and it can also be generated as part of a report. For details, see Policy Incidents Page. 

Download List of Users from the User Groups Page

The Policy > User Lists > User Groups page allows you to download a list of users to a CSV file. For details, see About User Groups.

McAfee Enterprise Sender Email Address Updated

McAfee's company name has changed to McAfee Enterprise. As such, we have updated the Skyhigh CASB sender email from to For details, see Receive Notification Emails from Your Corporate Domain

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