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Skyhigh Security

Enterprise Connector 3.1

Separate Tokenization for Sanctioned and Shadow IT

Different tokenization schemes can be selected for Shadow IT and Sanctioned IT workflows. Please contact Skyhigh CASB Support for assistance.

Detokenization in the Enterprise Connector UI

Now PDF, Excel and CSV reports can be detokenized in the Enterprise Connector UI. Detokenized files uploaded from Skyhigh CASB retain their file format. If custom attributes are also detokenized in a file, the contents of the entire file are detokenized in a single operation. Detokenized files from Enterprise Connector retain their file format.

Multi-value support for AD attributes

Specifically used for the memberOf attribute, Enterprise Connector now strips all but the first value of each multi-value attribute before uploading the data to Skyhigh CASB.

For example, let's say the following is received from AD:

Value-1: CN=Group Policy Creator Owners,CN=Users,DC=skyhightest,DC=corp
Value-2: CN=Domain Admins,CN=Users,DC=skyhightest,DC=corp
Value-3: CN=Enterprise Admins,CN=Users,DC=skyhightest,DC=corp

After stripping all but the first value, we're left with:

Value-1: CN=Group Policy Creator Owners
Value-2: CN=Domain Admins
Value-3: CN=EnterpriseAdmins

After stripping CN prefix, what's sent to Skyhigh CASB is:

Group Policy Creator Owners,Domain Admins,Enterprise Admins

Panorama fix to handle multiple URLs for the same service

Previously, if multiple URLs were present for a service, a Push Config  to automatically update the custom category on Panorama failed. Enterprise Connector is now updated to parse each URL for the service, and updates Panorama custom category appropriately.

Concatenating Syslog Messages 

Syslog messages greater than 1024 bytes were being split into the next log line with a "..." when forwarded from Enterprise Connector to a SIEM integration. This has been resolved by concatenating syslog messages.

SSL Certificate Update

SSL Certificate for EC Web UI has been updated to SHA-256.

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