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Enterprise Connector 3.5.1

Enterprise Connector 3.5.1  

Click here to Download Enterprise Connector 3.5.1

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Enterprise Connector 3.5.1 Installation

IMPORTANT: Certificate validation happens at installation and when EC is running. During install, if the server certificate validation is successful, then no console messages are displayed. If you will use a proxy server with SSL termination to connect EC to Skyhigh CASB, the proxy server’s certificate MUST be provided at install time using the parameter
-Vcertificates=<server file path1>:<server file path2>. Only digitally signed certificates in CRT format are supported. If you perform an upgrade for one release using the
-Vcertificates=<server file path1>:<server file path2> option, you must use it again for all subsequent upgrades.

Enterprise Connector SMTP Fix

If Enterprise Connector SMTP is configured for your Skyhigh CASB instance, there is a known issue with EC 3.5 where Services (Beta) Report Emails from the Skyhigh CASB Dashboard remain stuck in the queue and will not be delivered. Install Enterprise Connector 3.5.1 to resolve this issue. For help, contact Skyhigh CASB Support

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