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Enterprise Connector 3.7

Enterprise Connector 3.7   

Click here to Download Enterprise Connector 3.7

Custom Virtual Attributes

You can apply regular expressions to modify virtual attributes and create Custom Virtual Attributes. For details, see Configuring Custom Attributes for Shadow IT

Panorama Commit Levels

Previously, there was only one option for Panorama and Device Group commits. EC now provides three commit levels: Panorama and Device Group, Panorama only, and Disabled. For details, see Proxy Configuration for Palo Alto Networks Panorama

Panorama Failure Messages Displayed in EC

If the Panorama device group commit fails, Skyhigh CASB saves the failure messages, and displays them in the Enterprise Connector user interface. For details, see Proxy Configuration for Palo Alto Networks Panorama

Update for EC 3.7

If your Enterprise Connector is integrated with Enterprise SIEM, when you upgrade to EC 3.7, because of a change in the way incidents and anomalies are fetched, the key names in the events may be different. This could break an existing EC SIEM integration. To bridge the difference in the key names, use the instructions in Enterprise Connector SIEM Integration Formats to update the file. 

Known Issues  

For details, see Enterprise Connector Known Issues.

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