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Skyhigh Private Access 6.0.0 Release Notes

The Skyhigh Private Access 6.0.0 release includes feature enhancements and fixes for known issues.


  • Performance — Supports establishing multiple tunnels from connectors to the same Points of Presence (PoPs).  This enhances the aggregate bandwidth to access the private applications. 
  • Auto Upgrade of Connectors — Automatically checks and upgrades the connectors to the latest available version. This feature is supported only on the functional connectors with version v1.0.0.3 and later.
  • Launchpad — You can group applications by application protocol and search for a specific application using the Search option.
  • Certificate validation — The default Web policies bypass the certificate validations for the private applications. To validate its certificate, you can add private applications to the list.
  • Options to skip the execution of the following Web policy rules for the private applications:
    • Category, Reputation and Geo — You can skip the execution of the Web Filtering rule for the private applications.
    • Archive and Transfer — You can skip the content inspection (all, upload, and download) for the private applications that are added to the list.
    • Anti-Malware — You can skip GAM processing of web requests for the private applications that are added to the list.

Resolved issues

Reference Issue Description
PAC-1451 Launchpad enhancements. You can search for applications based on their protocols using the Filter and Search options.
PAC-1474, PAC-1475,
and PAC-1487
Enhancements to the Web policy. You can skip the execution of certificate verification, GAM processing, and URL categorization for private applications.
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