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What's New in 6.1.1? (August 2022)

Skyhigh CASB Convergence

Users with Secure Web Gateway Cloud license can access Activity Control and Activity Monitoring on the Skyhigh CASB dashboard. This feature is supported only for Shadow Cloud Services. Activity Control allows configuring web policies to restrict user activities in the registry. Activity monitoring inspects the user activities and detects the vulnerable activity trends in the Shadow Services

Link to topic: Restrict User Activities for Cloud Services

Security Configuration Audit Policy Groups

Skyhigh CASB enables Policy Groups on the Security Configuration Audit page. The Policy Groups allow to aggregate and save custom config audit policies into specific groups, and the groups can be edited and deleted as needed. This feature is supported only for IaaS services (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Link to topic: About CSPM Security Configuration Audit

Clientless Access

Skyhigh Clientless Access provides access to private web applications through a web browser without installing the client proxy software. Remote users and partners can access private applications using their personal devices or BYOD

Link to topic: Enable Clientless Access for Private Applications


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