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What's New in 6.1.2? (Septemeber 2022)

Skyhigh Private Access: Import Private Application List

Allows admins to import a list of Private Applications through a CSV file instead of adding each application name individually

Link to topic: Import Application List

Skyhigh SWG:  Rule set for blocking HTTP methods

The HTTP Method Blocking rule set can be imported to filter web traffic within Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway and enforces block action based on HTTP methods. Block action can be executed for each HTTP method to control policy execution. You can find this rule set on the web policy tree under Common Rules

Link to topic: Block Requests for Web Access Based on HTTP Methods

Skyhigh Client Proxy: Standard Port (443) Support for Secure Channel

The Client Proxy previously used the 8081 port to establish a secure connection with the WGCS when the Secure Channel option was enabled. With the current release, the Skyhigh Client Proxy sets 443 as the standard port by default, and Admins can choose 443 or 8081

Link to topic: Secure the Communication Channel between Client Proxy and WGCS


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