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What's New in 6.2.0? (November 2022)

Skyhigh Security Update: Domain Name Change

Action Required on Dec 12, 9:30 UTC: The product sign-in URL is changing to Update your bookmarks and configurations for Single Sign-On IDP and a firewall.

Link to topic: IAM Domain Name Change

Skyhigh Data Protection: Enhanced EDM Fingerprints

With Enhanced Exact Data Matching (EDM), or structured fingerprints, you can monitor your organization's documents in a row and column format typically extracted from a database in CSV format. EDM from Skyhigh CASB and Secure Web Gateway are now unified in both products, and Enhanced EDM fingerprints created in Skyhigh CASB can now be used in Web Classifications.

Link to topic: About EDM Fingerprints

Skyhigh SWG:  Active Directory User Group Lookups

You can configure Active Directory User Group Resolution on the Web Gateway Setup page (found under Settings > Infrastructure). The configuration allows you to retrieve user group information through synchronized Active Directory (AD) server based on your username. This configuration can be performed when Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP) cannot provide user group information.

Link to topic: Configure Active Directory Lookups of User Groups


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