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What's New in 6.2.1? (January 2023)

Skyhigh Data Protection: Exact Data Match (EDM) Enhancements

1. EDM Enhanced fingerprints protect sensitive user databases and prevent sensitive data exfiltration using DLP Policies. Also, it provides multilingual support, increased scalability, performance, and resumes paused uploads. 
2. You can now add a validator to your RegEx in Classifications Advanced Patterns. You can also create a custom RegEx definition and define validators.

Link to topic: About EDM Fingerprints 

Skyhigh Data Protection: OCR and EDM (Enhanced) for Skyhigh CASB

EDM (Enhanced) Fingerprints and RegEx-based dictionaries are now available to all Skyhigh CASB customers. With EDM Enhanced fingerprints, you can categorize structured data and use it in DLP policies to secure your organization’s sensitive data.  OCR enables Skyhigh Security DLP engine to extract text from supported images and is now available for both Skyhigh CASB and SSE.

Link to topic: Enable OCR

Skyhigh CASB: Secure Collaboration for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams meeting chat and group chat data can be accessed through Skyhigh CASB using the updated Microsoft Graph API. Skyhigh CASB for Microsoft Teams allows security admins to define DLP policies to detect and remove sensitive data posted by internal users in meetings or group chats with guest users.

Link to topic: Microsoft Teams Collaboration Use Cases


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