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What's New in 6.3.0? (March 2023)

Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (Cloud): Introducing Web Policy Builder

The Web Policy Builder provides an optimized user interface for new users that allows you to create and manage custom rules for web policies. Additionally, you can review existing web policies, create new rules in the web policy code and migrate web policies from the SWG On-Prem appliance to the SWG cloud.

Link to topic: About Working on Your Web Policy

Skyhigh Cloud Firewall: Introducing Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall is a cloud-based firewall solution intended to secure data and applications hosted on the cloud. SSE utilizes Cloud Firewall to aggregate and monitor all inbound and outbound network traffic from various sources and Firewall policies are applied to prevent unauthorized access. The key capabilities are Unified Policy, Traffic Segregation, Visibility, and Aggregated Data.

Link to topic: Skyhigh Cloud Firewall

Skyhigh Client Proxy: Client Proxy 4.6.0 Enhancements

Client Proxy supports deep-dive inspection of network traffic with a Cloud Firewall. The network traffic can be filtered with a Cloud Firewall policy based on IP addresses, processes, ports, or domains. The new Time-based Policy restricts web access during certain hours (like blocking social media sites during work hours). You can find the Skyhigh rebranding changes where SCP replaces MCP commands.

Link to topic: None (multiple changes)


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