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What's New in 6.3.1?

Skyhigh CASB: Redesigned Unmatched Uploads Page

The redesigned Unmatched Uploads page provides powerful search and filtering capabilities and exports detailed information on users responsible for unmatched uploads to a CSV file. In addition, the status of multiple unmatched uploads can be modified simultaneously, and request new cloud services to be added to the Registry.

Link to topic: About Unmatched Uploads 

Skyhigh CASB: Custom Anomaly

Custom Anomaly is a new anomaly type or category on the Anomaly Setting page that enables you to create your own anomaly structure based on the risk parameters identified in the Sanctioned IT cloud service activities. You can define custom anomalies by configuring the rule with available risk parameters and the custom anomalies can be removed, activated, or deactivated.

Link to topic: Custom Anomalies

Skyhigh CNAPP: New and Updated Azure CIS v2.0 Policy Templates

CIS Benchmarks are based on technical configuration settings used to maintain and increase enterprise security, especially when used in conjunction with other essential cyber hygiene tasks. In this release, 11 new Azure Policy templates have been added and 3 existing Azure Policy templates have been updated for the CIS v2.0 benchmark.

Link to topic: Policy Templates for Azure


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