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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

3.6.2 Release Notes

Skyhigh for Sanctioned Apps

Skyhigh Lightning Link

Lightning Link is the next generation of collaboration control for Office 365. Lighting Link replaces the API Realtime option in DLP policies. You'll see Lightning Link (instead of API Realtime) in CSV downloads, SIEM exports, and other areas in the UI as well.

Skyhigh for AWS

IAM Role-Based Authentication

IAM Roles allow you to establish a trust relationship, letting Skyhigh CASB's AWS account to assume a role that has access to your organization's AWS resources for security configuration monitoring. If you have multiple AWS accounts, you can upload a CSV file (containgin  Role ARN's and Preferred Names for the relevant accounts) of the entire list of accounts and upload it to Skyhigh CASB.

Usage Analytics

Service Details (Beta) Page

The Service Details page provides specific information for each Cloud Service on four tabs: OverviewRiskUsage, and Traffic. For details, see Service Details (Beta). From the Service Details page, you can also Override Service Risk Score

Service Governance

Cloud Registry (Beta) Page

The Cloud Registry page provides the number of cloud services used by your organization, and their details. To access it, go to Cloud Governance > Cloud Registry > Cloud Registry (Beta). For details, go to Cloud Registry (Beta)

Risk Management (Beta) Page

The Risk Management (Beta) page includes an overview of the Risk Attributes associated with the discovered services, including a graphical representation of the risk attribute percentages of high, medium, and low risk services. You can also customize the risk attribute scoring criteria for all services to match your company’s priorities, by editing the global risk weighting. To access this page, go to Cloud Governanance > Risk Management > Risk Management (Beta). For details, go to Risk Management (Beta)

Service Groups Report Includes URLs

On the Cloud Governance > Service Groups page, from the Services link, you can click to download a CSV file report of the Services included in the Service Group. The CSV file includes the following columns: Service, Risk, Category, Current Group Assignment, and URLs. If there is more than one URL for a Service, they are included in the same column in a comma-separated list. For details, see About Service Groups


Automatic Proxy Configuration for Zscaler

Use Skyhigh CASB Service Groups to automatically create Custom Categories in Zscaler. You can configure Skyhigh CASB Service groups to sync to Zscaler manually or automatically. Once you have integrated your Zscaler edge device using the Skyhigh CASB wizard, provide API credentials to connect to Zscaler. For details, see Automatic Proxy Configuration for Zscaler

Policy Management

New Data Identifiers 

The following Data Identifiers, which are available for use in DLP Policies, are new in 3.6.2:

  • Australian Tax File Number
  • EU Debit Card Number
  • New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Number
  • South Korean Resident Registration Number (RRN)

For details, see Data Identifier Definitions

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