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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

5.4.1 Release Notes (June 2021)

Anomalies to Activity Cloud Card

Under Unique Activity Types, you can click to display details on Top Activities, then click an item in the list to drill down into specific user activities. For details see Anomaly Cloud Card

Threat Protection Audit Log Events

When Anomalies or Threats are resolved, the Audit Log now logs them as Threat Protection events. For details, see Audit Log Events

Configuration Audit Policy Builder Supports AWS Managed IAM Policy

The Configuration Audit Policy Builder collects your AWS Managed Policies’ data to create custom policies. For details, see Create a Security Configuration Audit Policy.

Allowed and Denied Data for Services

On the Analytics > Services page, you can view the additional fields Allowed Data and Denied Data to track the amount of data allowed and denied for your Cloud Service. Now the fields Allowed Requests and Denied Requests are shown in a separate column on the Services table. For details, see About Services.

Scheduled Reports Group By Limitation for CSV Reports Removed

For Scheduled Reports, the Group By limitation of 10 options for CSV reports has been removed. PDF and XLSX reports still have this limitation. For details, see Create a Report

Schedule Hourly Reports from the Resources or Policy Incidents Pages

From the Resources or Policy Incidents pages, you can now schedule reports to run hourly. For details, see Create a Report

Near Real-Time DLP for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Skyhigh CASB now supports Near Real-Time (NRT) DLP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities. This feature significantly reduces the time to find new DLP violations in Dynamics 365. For details, see NRT DLP for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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