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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge 2108 Release Notes

Skyhigh Security Service Edge 2108 introduces enhancements and addresses known issues.

NOTE: Every update release is cumulative and includes all features, enhancements, and fixes from the previous release.

New or changed

This release provides several enhancements.

  • Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) — Risk category can be used as a condition for exempting websites from being accessed in the Risky Web or Full Isolation mode of browser isolation. In the latter mode, risk category can also be used as a condition for applying isolation.

    This enhancement is provided in new versions of the rule sets for these modes, which you can add to your web policy from the Overview web policy page of the user interface.
  • List handling — The following enhancements are provided here.
    • Empty list icon — When a list with no entries is opened on the user interface, an Empty icon is shown, together with the words Empty List.
    • Truncating descriptive text — Text describing lists on the side panel for list handling is truncated after two lines. Users can expand the text to read more.

Resolved issues

This release resolves known issues.

Reference Resolution

When working with Client Proxy, n/a is shown in the relevant field on the configuration page if a customer ID cannot be retrieved.


Fixed an issue where editing web DLP policy caused the page to fail to load.


Subscribed bypass lists based on IP addresses and URLs for domains are available again. Using these lists, you can exempt requests to access Microsoft Office 365 services from further filtering.


Infinite loops, which caused threads to hang and resulted in problems with high CPU and memory load, are no longer created when zip archives are scanned.


Blocking access to YouTube videos by category using the options of the YouTube Control rule set works again as expected. This is also true for other functions provided by rule sets on the Application Control branch of the web policy tree.


HTTP2 errors, such as failed connection and others, no longer impact the browser connection when certificates that are valid for all host names are used to ensure secure access to multi-home websites.

Known issues

For a list of issues in this release that are known and not resolved yet, see McAfee Unified Cloud Edge Known Issues (KB92371).

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