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Skyhigh Security

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge 2110 Release Notes

The Skyhigh Security Service Edge 2110 update release introduces new features and enhances existing features.

NOTE: Every update release is cumulative and includes all features, enhancements, and fixes from the previous release.

New or changed

These new features and enhancements are provided:

  • Skyhigh Private Access (MPA) — Skyhigh Private Access is based on the Zero Trust framework. You can provision access to private applications securely from any location and device. Prior to MPA, you would need a secure VPN to access private applications. You can enforce granular access policies, multilayer authentication, and continuous assessment of endpoints.

Resolved issues

No issues were resolved for this release that require documentation.

Known issues

For a list of issues in this release that are known and not resolved yet, see McAfee Unified Cloud Edge Known Issues (KB92371).

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