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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Create a Report

The reports can be used to export relevant information succinctly and efficiently in multiple formats.

You can create a report on the following pages:


Reports have the following limitations:

  • XLSX. Limited to 200,000 rows. 
  • PDF. Limited to 200,000 rows. 
  • CSV. 1 million rows. 
  • Attachment Size. Less than 25 MB. 

XLSX and PDF reports are limited to 200,000 rows in a table. If your table includes more than 200,000 rows, the report is truncated.

For CSV reports with more than 1 million rows, those reports are truncated also. 

You can edit the table to reduce the number of columns. For reports that have long, multi-lined fields such as External Collaborators, those fields might be truncated. In general, for large reports, use the XLSX or CSV format.

Also, charts are only available in PDF reports. 

Create a Report

A report takes the name and parameters from the details of the page from which it is run. 

  1. Select Actions.  
  2. Under Create Report, select the report Format (if available). 

The report runs immediately and is emailed to the user. You can also view the report in Report Manager

Schedule a Report

To schedule a report:

  1. Search for your data via the Omnibar, select a date range using the Date Picker, and select filters or Saved Views as needed. 
  2. Select Actions > Create Report > Schedule
  3. In the Schedule Report dialog, enter the following information:
    • Report Name. Define a report name to identify the report for future access. 
    • Description. (Optional.) Enter a description of the report and its purpose. 
    • Filters. Click the + to display the date range and filters that you selected, and any Data Jurisdictions that might apply. 
    • File Format. Select one file type you would like to use for the report. To report on more than one file type, create another report.
      • Analytic Report (XLSX)
      • Raw Data (CSV)
      • Business Report (PDF)
    • Group By. (Optional.) Select one Group By setting, and then for XLSX or PDF, choose up to 10 additional options to group data in your report. CSV reports have no Group By limitation. (If you select the All Data or All Services options, all other options are greyed out.) 

NOTE: Group By option is not available on the Resources, Threats, and Anomalies page.

  • Frequency. Select a frequency to run the report:
    • Hourly. Select to run once an hour. (This option is only available for CSV reports, from the Resources and Policy Incidents pages.) 
    • Daily. Select hour, minutes, AM or PM, and UTC or another timezone. 
    • Weekly. Select every number of weeks, on the day of the week, hour, minutes, AM or PM, and UTC or another timezone. 
    • Monthly. Select the first, second, third, fourth, or last day of every number of months, hour, minutes, AM or PM, and UTC or another timezone
  • Recipients. Enter the email addresses of anyone to which you would like to automatically email the report. Separate email addresses with commas.
  • Share report with other users within your MVISION Cloud account. Select this option to make the report public within your organization. 
  1. Click Schedule

The report is run as scheduled. An email is sent to the recipients with a link to download the report from Report Manager, and the report is attached if the size is less than 25 MB.

You can view and manage existing reports on the Reports > Report Manager page. 

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