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SNHPOC Decommissioning


We are in the process of decommissioning the SHNPOC environment accessible through . If you use the url or then this information does not apply.

In the past, the SHNPOC environment has been used as a staging or proof-of-concept environment. This role is now better served by the production environment, namely PROD available globally at

To this end, MVISION Cloud release 4.3.1 will be the final release on SHNPOC. SNHPOC will not get the next (4.3.2) or future releases. New features and bug fixes will only be available to tenants running on PROD, EU or GOVCLOUD environments. If you still have tenants running in SHNPOC, plan a migration to PROD immediately.


  • Will my tenant be migrated automatically to PROD? No, but you can request a new tenant in PROD through McAfee support and setup the new tenant. McAfee Employees can request a new tenant as outlined at Trial Tenant creation process 
  • What should I do with tenants in use as staging systems? Please work with your McAfee contact to get a new staging tenant in PROD to migrate over from SHNPOC.
  • When will SHNPOC be switched off? We do not have a definitive date yet. However it is important to shut down or migrate all tenants as soon as possible.
  • I have a complicated setup in SHNPOC with lots of links to external services, AD integration, SAML proxies, etc. What can I do? It is important start planning right away. The first step is to request a new tenant in PROD.
  • Will it be possible to migrate SHADOW data from SHNPOC to PROD? No, this is not supported.
  • Can I migrate DLP policies from SHNPOC to PROD? Yes, you can export your policies from the Dashboard and import them using Policy Templates.
  • Can I migrate incidents from SHNPOC to PROD? Unfortunately, this is not possible.
  • What about migrating users from SHNPOC to PROD? No, that workflow is not supported.
  • I am using SAML and need to login to multiple tenants with one email address. What should I do? Please use the Correlation ID feature when creating the user and use a separate SAML applications per tenant.
  • For integrating with AD or SIEM or implementing fingerprinting, does our EC/DLP Integrator allow us to selectively identify the instance in multi-instance environment?  Yes, you can create multiple indices in one tenant and configure these in different DLP policies and assign the policies to different instances. If you still needs a staging environment, please an request another tenant in PROD
  • Is there a way where we can do a re-mapping of the production IP as failover and then disable the SHNPOC IP and keep the managed service URL? No, SHNPOC is not considered to be for production use, so no failover is available. New services must be created and configured in PROD, then the new URL can be used.

Need more help?

Please contact Support or your Sales/Professional Services contact for assistance.


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