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Customer Business Reviews

Customer Business Reviews

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A Skyhigh CBR is a 1-2 hour, periodic review with a customer, designed to maximize the customer’s investment with Skyhigh Security. A CBR contributes to a partnership between the customer and the Skyhigh team in an effort to proactively improve the customer’s security posture with its Skyhigh solutions.

A Skyhigh CBR helps develop Trusted Advisor status though customer success while paving the path to future customer partnerships. We help the customer better understand its cloud footprint and data security concerns so that we can improve the customer’s security posture.

A Skyhigh CBR is completed by:

  • Scheduling and Coordinating with executive and technical customer contacts
  • Populating the CBR Template Deck with entitlement, deployment, support, environment, cloud footprint, and account data. We also prepare a tailored Cloud Security Advisor discussion which enables customers to see where they stand relative to other customers within industry
  • Collecting your internal teams – CSM, SE, Sales Rep, Sales Managers and Directors
  • Spending 1-2 hours with the customer reviewng the slide deck and maximizing Skyigh Security product value




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