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About Unmatched Uploads

Unmatched Uploads displays any data moving outbound from the organization to a service that is not mapped in the Cloud Registry. It allows you to understand any suspicious uploads to unknown domains or URLs. You can also see the total number of users responsible for the unmatched uploads. 

Find the page at The Analytics > Unmatched Uploads. 


The following information is displayed in the table:

  • URL. The web address of the detected service.
  • Upload Count. The number of unique upload events to the service.
  • Upload Data. The amount of data uploaded to the service.
  • Users. The number of users detected using the cloud service.
  • No. of Days. The number of calendar days that users have accessed a particular URL.

Sort the Unmatched Uploads Table

In order to find specific clusters of data within this table, you can click certain columns to sort the list.

  1. Click the column heading of the list you wish to sort by.
  2. Click once to sort the column in descending order.
  3. Click twice to sort the column in ascending order.
  4. The triangle pair next to the sorted column name shows the sort order. The list is sorted in the direction of the darkened triangle.



Export to CSV

NOTE: The Unmatched Uploads CSV report is limited to 100,000 records. 

The data contained in this table can be exported as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, suitable for importing into a third-party software security system, or opening in a spreadsheet program. The data in the spreadsheet may provide greater detail than what is displayed in the Skyhigh CASB UI. 


Download the CSV File 

To download the CSV file:

  1. Select the required data from the table to download the CSV file.
  2. Under Actions, click Download CSV. The CSV file downloads automatically.
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