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Request a Service


Limited Availability: This is a Limited Availability feature. To enable the Unmatched Uploads New page, contact Skyhigh Support. 

If you want to add a service that is listed on the unmatched uploads page to the Skyhigh Security Cloud Registry, you can request a service on the Unmatched Uploads page. 

When you request a service, a ticket is automatically opened with Skyhigh CASB Support, and your request is sent to the Service Intelligence team for review. You will receive an automatic email when your request is complete, including details about why the service was added or not to the Cloud Registry. 

To request an addition to the cloud registry:

  1. Go to Analytics > Unmatched Uploads New
  2. On the Unmatched Uploads page, select a service you want to add to the cloud registry.
  3. Go to Actions > Request a Service.
  4. In the Request a Service dialog, enter the following details:
    • Service Name. The name of the cloud service.
    • URL. The URL of the cloud service is selected on the Unmatched Uploads page. It cannot be changed.
    • Description. The description of the cloud service.
  5. Click Send.
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