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About Skyhigh CASB for Airtable

Limited Availability: This is a Limited Availability feature. To enable this feature, contact Skyhigh Support.

Airtable is a management application that allows you to enter numbers, figures, and formulas into spreadsheet cells, as well as images, PDFs, checkboxes, and tags (Airtable fields). Skyhigh CASB for Airtable allows Security Operations Center (SOC) Admins to apply DLP controls to sensitive files or attachments, as well as sensitive text data posted in Airtable cells or comments.

For configuration instructions, see Configure Skyhigh CASB for Airtable.

Data Loss Prevention   

DLP policies are applied to the following Airtable activities: 

  • Cells (Add, Update)
  • Comments (Add, Update)
  • Files/Attachments (Add)

Supported policy type rules:

  • Classification
  • Data Identifier
  • File name
  • File Path/Folder ID
  • File Size
  • File Type
  • Keywords
  • Regex
  • Fingerprint

Supported response actions:

  • Incident
  • Delete
  • Email Notifications
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