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Configure Skyhigh CASB for Airtable

To integrate Airtable with Skyhigh CASB, first make sure all prerequisites are met in Airtable, then enable API access for Airtable in Skyhigh CASB.

For details on supported DLP policies, see About Skyhigh CASB for Airtable.  


  1. To enable Skyhigh CASB for Airtable, contact Skyhigh Security Support.  
  2. API access should be enabled with an Airtable account admin user.
  3. Generate API key. Follow these steps to generate an API key for your Airtable account.
    • In the Airtable admin console, click Account.
    • On the Account overview page, under API, select Generate API key.
      This newly generated API key is used to enable API access for Airtable in Skyhigh CASB.

Enable API Access

To configure Skyhigh CASB for Airtable:

  1. Log in to Skyhigh CASB. 
  2. Go to Settings > Service Management
  3. Click Add Service Instance.
  4. Select Airtable, add a unique name for the instance and click Done.
  5. Select the newly added Airtable instance from the Services list.
  6. Click Enable on the setup page for the Airtable instance.
  7. Click Provide API Credentials.
  8. Enter the API credentials:  
    • Enterprise Account Id. The Enterprise Account ID for your Airtable admin account.
    • Client API Key. The API key generated from your Airtable admin account.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. The Overview and Setup tabs for the Airtable instance display the status as enabled. Once authenticated, Airtable events are received by Skyhigh CASB.  
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