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Skyhigh Security

Manage Service Groups

You can edit Service Groups or manage a new Service Group from the Services in Group table in the Edit Service Group screen.

To manage Service Groups:

  1. Go to Governance > Service Groups
  2. Select the Service Group you want to manage, then click Edit
  3. The Services in Group table lists all services in the Service Group. You can select Services in bulk using the checkboxes and remove. The table displays the following information:
    • Risk. The risk score for the service.
    • Service. The service name and service category. 
    • Added By. The group the service is assigned to, when it was added, and if it was added manually or by automatic assignment. Services that match the inclusion criteria for the group you are creating or editing are not added to the group until you save the form.
    • Action. The bulk Remove button becomes active at the top of the table if you select multiple services using the checkboxes.
  4. Click Save


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