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Report - Top Users by Access Count

This report ranks services by how many users interact with the service during the date range. 

To create the Top Users by Access Count report:

  1. On the Users page, click the Requests column to sort from high to low. 
  2. Select Create Report > Schedule. 
  3. Report Name. Enter a unique name for your report. 
  4. File Format. Select XLSX or CSV. (Group by All Services is not supported for PDF reports.)
  5. Group By. Select Group by > Service Name. Then select All Services.
  6. For Frequency, select: 
  7. Recipients. Enter the email addresses of anyone to which you would like to automatically email the report. Separate email addresses with commas.
  8. Share report with other users within your Skyhigh CASB account. Select this option to make the report public within your organization. 
  9. Click Schedule

The report is emailed to you in the format that you chose. 



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