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Skyhigh Security

Integrate Dropbox via API

Perform the following steps to authorize Skyhigh CASB access to Dropbox, before configuring Dropbox via API.

To authorize Skyhigh CASB Access to Dropbox:

  1. Log in to Skyhigh CASB. 
  2. Go to Settings > Service Management
  3. Click Add Service Instance to add a Dropbox instance, or from the Services list, select the instance you want to enable. 
  4. Click the Setup tab and click Enable.
  5. Review prerequisites, activate the checkbox, and click Next
  6. When prompted, enter the email address/user name of a Dropbox Administrator. This allows Skyhigh CASB to create a quarantine folder in the appropriate user account. 
  7. Enter the Dropbox login credentials for an Administrator user account, and click Submit.
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