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Upgrade to Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security

Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security app (SMCS) is available for Android. McAfee Mobile Cloud Security (MMCS) app is rebranded to Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security and also connects to new VPN Gateways using Skyhigh Security FQDNs.

Note: Skyhigh no longer supports the MMCS app. Also, automatic upgrade from MMCS to SMCS App is not supported.

Follow the below mentioned steps to install the SMCS for Android and iOS devices:

Android devices
  1. Uninstall the MMCS app by using the associated MDM solution.
  2. Update your MDM solution to include Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security.
  3. Use the following settings to configure the SMCS app in MDM. 
    1. Gateway address as:
    2. Remote ID as:
IOS devices
  1. Uninstall the older VPN profile using the associated MDM solution.
  2. Update your MDM profile for IOS devices to point to new Skyhigh Gateway and remote ID.  Reconfigure your Mobile devices with this new profile
    1. Use the gateway address as:
    2. Remote ID as:

After configuring Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security, verify the connectivity to SSE Web solution.

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