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Integrate Cloud Connector with SMTP

NOTE: If you are on version 4.3.2 and above, click Cloud Connector Config SMTP Integration.

You can integrate Skyhigh Cloud Connector with your existing SMTP server in order to send DLP policy violation email messages, reports, and notifications from Cloud Connector directly from your company's email domain (such as, or, instead of from This integration provides authenticity and prevents emails from going to the spam folder. Configure SMTP integration via the file. You may also set the polling interval for emails to be sent periodically. 

This feature must be enabled by Skyhigh Security Support

IMPORTANT: Only one Cloud Connector per tenant MUST be configured for SMTP integration. 

Configure SMTP

  1. Go to the Cloud Connector installation directory, and open the file
  1. Edit the following properties:
    1. To enable SMTP integration, set the property logprocessor.smtp.enabled to true
    2. Change the polling delay, if necessary. The default is 180000 (3 minutes). 
    3. Change the SMTP host, port, and user information to your SMTP server. (For user, this does not configure the email sender. This is the user who authenticates to the SMTP server for client-server communication.)
  2. Set the encrypted password for the user specified in this file, using the following command:

./shnlpcli sp --name mail.smtp.password --val user_password --encrypt

The encrypted password is stored in file logprocessor.db.script

Policy Violation Email Example

When you have a Cloud Connector DLP policy violation, the resulting email will be similar to the following:


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