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About the Users Page

The Users page provides a unified location for managing existing users and adding new users. This page is only displayed for Administrator users with User Management permissions.

It's located at Settings > User Management > Users.


The Users page provides the following actions and information:

  • All Roles. Click to sort the table by roles. 
  • Actions. 
  • Search. Enter a first name, last name, or email address to find users.
  • Select. Click to select the user.
  • Active. Green in the Active column indicates the user is active, while grey indicates that the user is disabled and will not be able to log in.
  • Admin. Indicates if the user has administrative permissions. A user with a star in this column is considered the primary user of the tenant. 
  • Access. Displays the user's access level, Manage or Read Only. 
  • First Name. Displays the user's first name. Click to sort alphabetically.
  • Last Name. Displays the user's last name. Click to sort alphabetically.
  • Email. Displays the user's email address. 
  • Role(s). Displays all the roles assigned to a user. Click to sort alphabetically by role name.
  • Last Login. Last date and time the user logged in. Click to sort chronologically.
  • Actions. 


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