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Skyhigh Security

About Skyhigh CASB

Skyhigh CASB is the leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). It is a cloud-based, multi-tenant service that enables companies to embrace cloud services with appropriate levels of security and governance while lowering overall risk and cost.

Skyhigh CASB delivers the following capabilities:

  1. Cloud Discovery and Risk Monitoring. Processes logs and identifies all cloud services in use within your organization. Provides an objective, customizable risk assessment for each Cloud Service Provider (CSP).
  2. Cloud Usage Analytics. A Hadoop-based analysis engine detects usage anomalies based on statistical and behavioral models. Identifies risky user behavior, inconsistent policies, and underutilized subscriptions to cloud services.
  3. Cloud Access and Control. Provides fine-grained controls around the usage of several CSPs. This includes data loss prevention (DLP), contextual access control, data discovery, application auditing, standards-based encryption, anomaly detection, mobile-to-cloud support, and Cloud Activity Monitoring without affecting the user experience.
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