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Skyhigh Security

Install the Skyhigh Security Agent via Download URL

To use Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) with Skyhigh CASB, you must install the Agent. 


See the instructions in Configure Skyhigh CASB for CWP.

Get the Download URL for the Skyhigh Security Agent

Download the Skyhigh Security Agent directly from the Skyhigh CASB user interface via a download URL. 

  1. Log into Skyhigh CASB. 
  2. Go to Analytics > Resources
  3. Select one or more unmanaged compute instances, such as an EC2 or Virtual Machine, where you want to install the Skyhigh Security Agent. 
  4. Click Actions > Install Skyhigh Security Agent. (Or you can click the shield icon next to a single compute instance.)
  5. In the McAfee Agent Installation dialog, under Install via URL, click Download

NOTE: If you have not selected a compute instance, the Download button is not active in the Skyhigh Security Agent Installation dialog. 

  1. The file McAfeeEndpointsDeploymentUrl.csv downloads. It contains the instance IDs and the corresponding download URLs of the Skyhigh Security Agent for the compute instances you selected. 

Install the Skyhigh Security Agent

  1. Log in to the compute instance where you want to install the Skyhigh Security Agent. 
  2. Open the file McAfeeEndpointsDeploymentUrl.csv and use the download URL for that compute instance to download the Skyhigh Security Agent. 
  3. Click Install to run the installer. No credentials are required. 

When you return to Skyhigh CASB, you will see on the Resources page that the shield icon now shows a green checkmark to indicate that the Skyhigh Security Agent is installed. 

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