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Configure AirWatch MDM for Android

Log in to the AirWatch Console

Login to AW MyDevice portal to register the devices.


Add a New Device

Click Add Device to register a new device.


Register the Device

Complete the following details of a device:  

  • Friendly Name
  • Platform
  • Model
  • OS
  • Device Ownership
  • Message Type (select QR Code to generate a QR code with details)


The QR code will be generated after completing all the field details. 

Install Intelligent Hub App from the Play Store

  1. Go to Play Store of the Android and download Intelligent Hub application from Play Store
  2. Downloaded Intelligent Hub of AirWatch.

Scan the QR code in the App

Open the Hub app from your Android device and click QR Code to scan the QR code which has been created in the web portal.

Log in to the App

After successfully scanning Username and password field will appear and complete these details.
For example, 

User name: [USERNAME] 
Password: [PASSWORD]

User will successfully logged in into the app.


Intelligent Hub Android application will set up all the setup and now we can control this device via AirWatch MDM web portal.

Pushing Certificates and Android apps from via MDM

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