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About Data Classification

Data Classification is an approach to identify, protect, and manage information. It defends an enterprise against a variety of threats – from aggressive outsiders to untrained insiders.

Classifications allow you to categorize files based on their sensitivity and enforce security policies associated with that classification level. This helps you to protect sensitive information and encourage smarter user behavior when handling that content. 

Methods and Actions in Skyhigh Security Cloud

Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules classify data on multiple levels. The rules identify sensitive data using various methods, including:

The rules can also be used to identify file-level metadata which includes file conditions such as the file type, document properties, and classification tags, and the type of file-level encryption. 


Once classified, data can be monitored for activity or controls can be utilized to prevent content from entering or leaving the cloud service by applying specified remediation. For details, see Sanctioned DLP Policy Response Actions

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