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Skyhigh Security

Create a Policy Dictionary

You must create a dictionary before you can add any items or use it in a DLP policy.

  1. Go to Policy > DLP Policies > Dictionaries.
  2. Click Add Dictionary.
  3. Under Name, enter a descriptive name for the dictionary.
  4. Select a Type of dictionary from the menu:
    • Free Form Text. Use Free Form Text for DLP policies. 
    • Geo IP. Use Geo IP for Cloud Access policies and proxy rules. 
    • Domain Name. Use Domain Name for Cloud Access policies and proxy rules. 
    • Custom Keywords. Use Custom Keywords when you create a custom data identifier. 
  5. Dictionary Items. 
    • Upload a file. Click to browse and upload a file to define the dictionary. 
    • Manually add items to the dictionary (1,000 character limit). Use commas or proximity-based keyword matching. 
      • Commas. For example,,, or
      • Proximity-based keyword matching. For example: 
        • "hello my world" (distance: 1)
        • "hello word1 word2 beautiful word3 world" (distance: 3)
        • Don't use: "beautiful hello world" (distance:4)
  6. Click Save
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